L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks


I have heard so many positive things about the L’Oreal Pure Clay face masks, since their launch in 2016.  Many beauty enthusiasts have been raving over these masks, so I decided to see what the fuss was about and try them for myself.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

What the product claims – This mask contains 3 pure clays and is combined with Charcoal.  The Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out impurities from the skin.  The creamy texture will detoxify the skin and cleanse deep into pores.  Which will leave the skin looking clarified and beautified, without drying the skin out.  A thin layer should be applied over the face, avoiding the eye and lip area.  Leave for 5-10 minutes, remove with a face cloth or warm water.  Can be used 2-3 times per week.  Contains 10 applications.

I feel that this mask certainly lived up to everything the packaging said.  I applied a thin layer of product to my face, as directed.  The mask had only been on my face for around 5 minutes when I noticed that I could see the oil being drawn from my pores.  This was happening especially around my nose and chin.  With this mask the proof is certainly in the pudding!  I have included a picture of the mask drying and doing it’s thing.  Yes, it looks gross, but it certainly is proof enough for me that the mask works! I left the mask on for 10 minutes, as directed, and washed the product off with warm water.  I have read a number of reviews on this particular mask that state that the product can be difficult to remove.  This was not the case for me at all.  I gently massaged the product into my skin with warm water and it washed right off.  My skin feels amazing every single time I use this mask.  It leaves my face feeling so smooth, refreshed and clean.  The product is definitely not drying at all. I am continuing to use this mask three times per week.  This is one of the best face masks I have come across.


L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask 

What the product claims – This mask contains 3 pure clays and is combined with Red Algae Extract.  Red Algae Extract is known for it’s brightening properties. The beaded, creamy texture will illuminate tone by exfoliating the skin’s surface without drying the skin out.  Apply a thin layer to the face, avoiding the eye and lip area.  Leave for 5-10 minutes, wash off with a face cloth or warm water. Contains 10 applications

I purposefully saved this mask for a day when my skin was in need of a pick-me-up.  My skin was looking particularly dry and dull before I used this mask, so I had very high hopes for this product.  As directed, I applied a thin layer of product to my face.  Straight away I noticed the grainy texture of the mask.  The mask applied really well and it dried just like any other clay mask.  The exfoliation comes when you remove the mask with water.  I found that wetting my hands and face and really rubbing the product into my skin really helps to bring out the exfoliation benefits.  After removing this mask I noticed the patches of dry skin I had on the bridge of my nose and forehead had completely gone.  My skin certainly looked brighter and it felt very soft and refreshed.  I will continue to use this mask 2 or 3 times per week as I am really impressed with the results.

There is a third mask in this range that I am yet to purchase.  It is a purity mask, I will definitely be picking one of these up the next time I am at my local Boots or Superdrug.  At £7.99 each, I definitely think that these masks are excellent value for money.  The packaging states that there is enough for 10 applications in each mask.  Personally, I think that there will be more than 10 applications as you really don’t need to apply too much product.  I would love to hear from anyone who has used these masks, let me know what you think.

Shantelle xxx






Things I am Loving Lately

There are a couple of new products that I have been trying out recently, so I thought I would do a post on some of them.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Kit


I bought the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish kit from Boots for £15.50.  After hearing lots of good things about Liz Earle products I thought I would give this a try.  In the kit you get a little green zip bag to keep everything in, 100ml bottle of the Hot Cloth Cleanser and 2 muslin cloths.  The Hot Cloth Cleanser contains Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  To use the product you spread the cleanser all over your face and neck and rub in circular motions.  You then put the muslin cloth under hot water and remove the cleanser in circular motions.  The cloth helps to exfoliate the skin.  Since using this, my skin feels lovely and soft.  I should also mention that this can be used twice a day.  I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future.

Champneys Skin Firming Body Butter


This came as part of a detoxing body set that I bought from Boots.  I really do love this body butter, it is so nice to use.  It melts into the skin and it smells gorgeous.  Not only does it feel nice on the skin but I am positive that it makes my skin look better after I have applied it!  I hope that this is sold separately as I would love to buy this again in the future.

MAC Crème Cup Lipstick

I am in absolute love with this lipstick!  It is just so easy to wear, it virtually goes with any eye makeup look.  I normally wear this during the daytime, it’s such a lovely soft pink.  The finish of this lipstick is just lovely, it is so creamy and it feels amazing on the lips.

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Colour in Berry Stain


I am trying to steer clear of buying regular nail polishes as I am trying to build up my collection of Gelish colours (as part of my nail technician course).  But I just couldn’t resist this beautiful purple shade.  I am really into purples at the moment!  I can’t really comment on the staying power of this particular nail polish, as I have only applied it today.  I am hoping it lives up to it’s name!




Boots Haul 

Happy Saturday people! I hope you are all having a good weekend. I called to my local Boots store today for a new bottle of perfume. As usual, I ended up coming away with more goodies than I intended!

 I got my Cacharel Amor Amor perfume, which was £19 for 50ml. I absolutely love this perfume, it’s definitely one of my favourites. 

I saw that the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges now come in a double pack for £9.99, so I had to have those. These sponges are excellent for applying foundation. I highly recommend them! 

After realising I also needed some cleanser, I decided to buy the Neutrogina Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. Which was £3.12. I haven’t tried this cleanser before so I hope that I get along with it.

Lastly, I bought a Champneys Detox In A Box for £18. Included in the box is a Skin Firming Shower Scrub, Hip & Thigh Firming Mud, Skin Firming Body Butter and a Body Massager. I am so excited to try all of these products out as I love a good pampering session! I will do a separate post on these products in the next week or so! 

Shantelle X 

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation


I recently bought the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation, after watching my sister have the same foundation applied at Benefit.  After seeing her flawless results I decided that I really needed to buy a bottle of this stuff for myself.  It set me back £26.50, which is in the region of what I would normally spend on a high end foundation.

This is a medium (supposedly buildable) foundation that promises to give a healthy, luminous looking complexion.  It contains Vitamin C and E Derivatives that are supposed to prevent the signs of aging.  The foundation contains SPF 25.  The packaging claims that this product is best applied with a foundation brush.

I instantly loved the packaging of this product, it comes in a frosted pump bottle.  I did find that the product itself is a little too watery.  I guess I am used to foundations with a thicker consistency!  In all honesty, I am very disappointed with this foundation.  I have used it several times as I really wanted to give the product the benefit of the doubt (no pun intended!)  It just does not work for me.  I find that the product does not last well on my skin, it caked around areas such as my nose and chin.  And not to mention I had major shine around my t-zone by midday!  I applied this foundation exactly the same was as I would my others; after cleansing, moisturising and priming my skin.  I set my face with my usual MAC setting powder, which I love, but it just did not feel set at all.  My face felt very sticky and tacky to touch.

Don’t get me wrong, the finish I first get when applying this foundation is beautiful.  It just doesn’t have the staying powder of other foundations I have used in a similar price range.  I think that I will probably give this foundation away to a friend, as it was quite pricey.  Rather than just letting it go bad along with my other regrettable makeup purchases!

If anyone has tried this product for themselves, I would love to know what you think!

Shantelle x

March Glossybox 

My March Glossybox arrived in the post this morning. I do look forward to receiving this monthly beauty box as it is like a little present to myself each month. However, I am not overly impressed with the contents of this months box. I have been a subscriber since November 2015 and in all fairness I have been really happy with each box until now!

This months box is really unimpressive, it contains only one full sized product, two if you count the angled face brush included.

-417 Catharsis Vitamin Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner These items are travel-sized (40ml in each tube). The full sized products retail for £16.89 each, which in my opinion is rather expensive for shampoo and conditioner. I have never heard of this brand before so I’m not sure what the brands reputation is like. According to my Glossybox information card they contain Dead Sea moisture minerals, vitamins and essential oils. The product claims to leave the hair gleaming, hydrated and lustrous.

Olay Regenerist This is a tiny sized travel mini tube. The full sized product retails for £29.99. It claims to reduce the look of discolouration to the skin and evens out skin tone.

Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum Again, this is a small travel sized tube. The full sized product retails for £28.81. It is infused with honey and propolis and claims to protect the skin and give a glow to the complexion.

Collection Speedy Highlighter This highlighter is full sized and retails for £3.99. It comes in the form of a retractable chunky stick and can be used on the tops of cheekbones, browbones and above the Cupid’s bow.

Luxie Rose Gold Angled Face Brush 504 This item is the ‘main star’ of this month’s box and retails for £10.42. It can be used for contouring and highlighting.

I have not used any of the products in this month’s box, having only received my box today. I will of course try them all out and let you know what I think. I have been thinking of cancelling my Glossybox subscription, but I may keep my subscription for another month to see if the April box is any better.

If you are a Glossybox subscriber I would love to hear your thoughts on this months box!

Shantelle X

First Week of Nail Tech Training!

Hi everyone!

This week has been such an exciting week for me as I attended the first class of my Nail Technician course! Since enrolment I have been super excited to start learning and being back in a classroom environment. The class runs once a week for 2 and a half hours. The subjects covered this week were Health & Safety, Anatomy and Physiology and Contra-Indications. 

After the class I got to take home the Hand and Nail Harmony ProHesion Acrylic Manual, Health & Safety – Anatomy & Physiology Manual. I have quite a lot of things to revise for next weeks class so that will be keeping me busy over the next couple of nights. 

I cannot wait to start the practical side of the classes as I really want to challenge myself and get the most out of my course. 

I am training with Red10 Training Academy and so far they have been so helpful! 

In between all the excitement I have picked up a few bits from Benefit, including a foundation that I would really like to review. I am hoping to post my thoughts on this foundation over the next couple of days! 

Shantelle X 

Too Faced Lip & Cheek Duo Set

I bought this duo set over a month ago online at Debenhams. I wasn’t looking to purchase anything in particular, I was just browsing the Too Faced brand. I bought this set for £12.00 in the ‘Christmas’ section, so I’m not entirely sure if this is still available or whether it was a ‘Christmas special’. This was also my first ever purchase from the Too Faced brand, so I was really excited to try out some of their products.

Included in this set is the Melted Lipstick in the shade Nude, and the Love Flush Blush in the shade Love Hangover (what a great name!) These are miniature sized products, 5ml for the lipstick and 2.0g for the blush. Full sized, the lipstick retails for £16.00 and the blush for £20.00. So although the products I got in this set are miniatures, I kind of feel as though I got a great deal for the two costing £12.00! 

I instantly loved the heart shaped packaging of the blush! The shade is a little darker than what I would normally buy, but it works for me as I found you can build up the colour. The key is to add a little at a time, rather than packing on a large amount that you will later regret! It does give a lovely rush of colour to the cheeks and the product is very pigmented. Which of course means a little goes a long way. 

I was looking forward to trying the lipstick much more than the blush – purely because I am a lipstick collector (self confessed lipstick addict!) I do love the formula of this lipstick, it gives a creamy soft finish. I was quite surprised with how well it held up, I did have to reapply halfway through the day but I was not expecting the lasting power it had, given the finish. Although I loved the lipstick formula, I wasn’t too impressed with the colour. And this is based purely on my skin tone and the suitability for me. I do think that this shade would look beautiful on anyone with a warmer skin tone than mine – I am quite pale! I will be looking out for more lipsticks in this range that might be better suited to my skin colouring. 


Blush swatch left Lipstick swatch right
Whilst I do like this little duo, I don’t think that I could ever bring myself to purchase a full sized version of the blush at £20.00 a shade. However, the lipstick is a different story! I was impressed with the staying power and the formula, I just need to find a shade that is wearable!

Shantelle X 

New Palette and Lipsticks

Hi Beauties

I have again realised that I am not writing as often as I would like to. Ideally, I would like to sit down to write twice a week, more if I could. I have the ideas of what I want to write about, just not so much of the time required to do so. Life has a funny thing of not going how you expect at times. Having said that, I am going to do my best to set more time aside to do what I love!

I wanted to share my new Revolution ‘Eyes Like Angels’ Palette with you all. I bought this a couple of weeks ago from Superdrug. I think I paid £8, which in my opinion, is excellent for a 32 eyeshadow palette. I was on the lookout for a palette containing bright colours as I seem to have accumulated a lot of nude eyeshadow. I wanted something fun to play around with and create new looks. I was definitely not disappointed with this palette. Like most of the Revolution eyeshadows, the colours included are super pigmented and the colours are so vibrant. I am a little spoilt for choice and I cannot decide what type of eye look to try out first. The packaging feels quite heavy and sturdy. The palette also comes with a large mirror inside.


During my shopping trip for a new palette, I talked myself into buying some new lipstick. Because a girl can never have enough lippy, right? I decided to get the Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit Pink Collection, which cost £5. Not bad for 5 lipsticks! Although I perhaps wouldn’t wear all of these colours for day to day makeup looks, I can see that I will wear some of the lighter shades quite regularly. Unfortunately the shades aren’t named so I cannot list them. I did recently wear the second swatch from the left and I was impressed with how the product held up. It lasted pretty much all day.

 I have currently been buying random nail things to build up my nail technician kit for my upcoming nail school course. So I am planning to do a post on those goodies, once they all arrive! I am so excited! 

Shantelle X 


My New Journey

Hi everyone

Today has been a very good day for me as it marks the start of a new chapter in my life, and hopefully my career. After years and years of wanting to work in the beauty industry I have bitten the bullet and enrolled on a nail course to become a qualified nail technician! The course I will be studying covers everything for beginners such as health and safety, hygeine, nail anatomy, acrylic & gel application and removal, infills and rebalance and gel polish. I start the course on 1st March, so it’s only a couple of weeks away! I get two nail kits included in my course, these are the Nail Harmony Acrylic Master Course Kit and the Harmony Pro 545 Gelish Kit with lamp.

I will be studying the course in the evenings on top of my usual job and caring for my two young children. I’ve reached a point where it’s now or never, I would rather say I have tried to do something I always wanted, rather than looking back and regretting never pursuing my dreams.

I will continue to post as normal, with my thoughts and views on any beauty products I buy. Along the way I hope to post pictures of my progress throughout my studies of the work I do. I love writing as much as I love beauty and my nail journey is just another topic for me to post.

Shantelle X

Happy Valentines Day 💋❤️

Happy Valentines Day Beauties! 

I hope you are all having a lovely day, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s with a loved one or not.  Today I am relaxing in the house with my other half and children. I was going to try out a new makeup look I have been thinking of doing, but I would honestly prefer to laze about doing nothing instead! Sunday’s were made for relaxing after all. 

Am I the only woman in the world who would prefer to receive a bunch of flowers any other day of the year rather than on Valentines Day?  It seems as though men and women rush out to purchase things for their loved ones a few days before Valenties Day simply because they feel like they have to!  To me, receiving a random bunch of flowers on a random day of the year feels much more romantic, and not to mention the element of surprise.

I thought today would be a good day to share one of my new lip products. As a lover of matte lipstick, I find my lips tend to crack and become dry quite a lot.  So I decided to buy a lip scrub in the hope it would improve the condition of my lips.

I opted for ‘The Kiss’ lip scrub from Lush, which I bought for £5.50. I originally wanted the Bubblegum scrub, until I spotted this one.  The scent is just beautiful, it smells good enough to eat. 

I just love the cute little love hearts within the scrub! Like any lip scrub, I use it by rubbing a small amount over my lips. The packaging does say that this can be licked off after use.  And although this does smell good enough to eat, I tend to rinse it off my lips, rather than lick it off! I wasn’t dissapointed with the condition of my lips after the first use. They really did feel soft, plump and smooth.  This has become one of my beauty must haves. 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day, however you choose to spend it.  What are your favourite lip scrubs? Let me know in the comments section. 💖

Shantelle X